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Founded in 1988, and focusing on service and quality, LOC International has become a leader
in the conception, manufacturing and distribution of products for the hospitality industry.

LOC International since 1988

Our Products

LOCSafe Safes


– Custom made to the highest quality standard
– Double locking bolts
– ADA standard unique epoxy keypad
– Inside light

Rayovac Batteries


– #1 brand used in the hospitality industry
– 7-year shelf life
– Packed in bulk
– Many sizes available

MIWA Door Locks


– ALV2 intelligent RFID contactless lock system
– Lock system completely made in Japan
– Hack-proof design provides security and safety
– 3 years warranty and maintenance free

The Cocktail Plate will allow your guest to relax and enjoy your reception by securely holding their stemmed glass with their plate.
We also carry a line of versatile Plate Clips.



– Silent absorption system
– Energy efficient
– Manual Thermostat & automatic defrost
– Reversible door

Minibar Accessories


LOC International provides its clients with a trio of smart minibar seal and security systems, and a complete line of minibar supply products and snacks with maximum taste appeal.

LOC International is a force in the hospitality field
offering the most convenient service with a
wide range of competitively priced products.

About LOC International

Our clients give us a 5-Star rating.

At LOC International, we supply management systems, electronic safes, electronic locks, minibars and minibar accessories to over 8000 satisfied customers in North America. We’ve created a successful business model through a dedication to innovation, convenience and great customer service.

Peace of Mind.

LOC International offers peace of mind. We are proud to provide innovative security solutions and outstanding service to both hospitality providers and their guests. We strive to create trusting and long-lasting relationships with all of our customers.

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