Rayovac Batteries

Rayovac batteries
Rayovac® Batteries are the #1 brand used in the hospitality industry.

The 7-year shelf life batteries are individually date coded to ensure freshness, and packed in bulk in a strong plastic case which is easy to carry and easy to use.

Door Blocker

Door Blocker
Easily keeps doors open, with no damage!

Our Door Blocker is the most innovative door stopper on the market.

Made with engineered hard plastic, its ergonomic and simple design makes it the number one choice for those who care for their employee’s safety and want no more damages to their doors and frames.

TV Wall Mounts

TV Wall mounts
Flat, tilt, ultra slim, pullout, pivot, dual arm, we have it all.

Specially designed for the hospitality market, we have dozens of different models for your hotel needs.

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