Our Door Blocker – easily keeps doors open, with no damage!
Our Door Blocker is the most innovative door stopper on the market. Made with engineered hard plastic, its ergonomic and simple design makes it the number one choice for those who care for their employees safety and want no more damages to their doors and frames.

How does it work?
The Door Blocker is designed to work with most hinge pins size ½ and ¾ inch, keeping the door open 80 or 90 degrees. Once the size of the door hinge pin is determined, the Door Blocker is placed either side (80°or 90°) over the middle hinge pin on the open door – “blocking” the door open.

Why a Door Blocker?

  • No more back injuries for employees
  • Eliminates damage to doors and frames caused by traditional door stoppers
  • Easy to see with its bright red colour
  • Can be used on guest rooms, exteriors, interiors, commercial and residential doors
  • No installation required


  • Product: Door stop
  • Type: Hinge pin
  • Finish: Red
  • Material: One-piece molded plastic
  • Use: Guest room, exterior, interior, commercial and residential doors
  • Warranty: 1 year


  • Length: 6.148 inch
  • Width: 2.5 inch
  • Weight: 3.88 oz


  • Use the Door Blocker in two single steps
  • Open the door at the desired angle 80° or 90°
  • Place the Door Blocker over the middle hinge pin

Door Blocker Specs Sheet